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TOPIC: River Valley Caravan Park Redcross

River VAlley Caravan Park Redcross 02 Jun 2014 14:12 #345

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WOW what a weekend we arrived at River VAlley CAravan Park Friday evening around 7pm the place was PACKED !!!!

Thankfully we were booked into the Secret Garden (Adults Only) :)

With over 2000 campers staying in the park I have to say it was still a delightful stay.

At €28 per night for 2 adults and a unit including hook up it was worth it. Friendly staff on arrival, well kept grounds and plenty of space on the hard stands with each stand having water & power. €1 per 6min shower and the shower rooms were spotless and there is plenty of dry room in each shower.

The bar and resturaunt was jam packed Sunday evening when we called in but the staff found us a table in no time and had us fed and moved out for the next sitting in no time at all..... and not in a rushed way...

HOWEVER now for the negitives ...

In the Hidden Garden the mens loos there were 4 cubicals of which 2 were out of operation from Friday till Monday morning :angry:

The bins !!!!! were over flowing to the extent that campers were leaving bags of rubbish on the ground beside the BIG wheelie bins :angry:

But apart from all that it was a GREAT Stay Flanagans walk way great for Charlie Brown to get his ramble on and we cant wait to head back again very soon ......

Aaron Deirdre & Charlie Brown
Happy Camping
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Rivervalley Campsite Redcross=Concentration Camp!! 18 Aug 2014 10:21 #397

No numbered and lack of clearly marked pitches leads to altercations with the "transit van brigade" type that the place seems to be very popular with and think they own the place with all their windbreakers taking up "a lot" more pitch ground than they are supposed to. Not to generalise but I think it is because of how near the park is to Dublin but it definitely attracts the tattooed, larger drinking, wife beaters vest wearing and ends every sentence with "Bleeden deadly" type.. Very rough!!

We ended up on a pitch that the caravan and awning barley fitted on while paying the same as the guy next to us who was taking up 4 times more space. Our guy lines for awning couldn't be attached at front as the road was so close. I couldn't tap them into the tar! Also, nowhere for our car at our pitch. Had to park it down at the rubbish bins area which was also overflowing and not very pleasant!

Very rude security (guy from New Zealand I think) at night who don't like you sitting in your awning talking with your wife while your kids SLEEP in your own caravan. Came over to us telling us it was after 11 and to get to bed or we will be evicted while shining his torch in out faces! In all my years I have never been accused of being the loud or noisy type and found this very insulting!! Especially when the larger lout types the other side of the hedge on what looked like a seasonal pitch had what resembled a rave! They had been swanning around with their cans of beer since 12 in the afternoon while their kids ran a muck around the site (all of which seems to be quite common and the norm on site)! While out walking the following evening, I over heard a conversation that one of the sites security men was having through one of the party vans windows where he was laughing and joking, asking how all the heads were after lastnight!! Different rules for different guests it seems!!

To sum it up, if I was to rate this site out of 10 it would get 1 and that is purely because it exists!! In all my years touring in UK and Europe I have never had such an experience.

Quite a few family's cut their stay short after getting threatened with eviction (unnecessarily) by security also! Absolutely no need for them to be so regimental and from reading other posts on here I can see that other people have hand similar experiences.

Note to management:

Don't bother quoting from your rule book about family site etc because your security have clearly taken your instructions to literally and for some reason there seems to be two different sets of rules. Maybe try walking around with them a few times and point out what is acceptable and what isn't!


A couple sitting in their awning quietly chatting while their children sleep inside their caravan = ACCEPTABLE

Group of people in caravan with music blaring while they dance around singing and drinking cans = NOT ACCEPTABLE

We are a professional family who travel a lot with our caravan and take great care not to offend or upset anyone while doing so. To say we were highly insulted at the way in which we were treated at your site is a complete understatement and we will NEVER visit your site again!! I hope readers of this review take note of our experience and also avoid a very disappointing stay. Money is too hard earned for it to be thrown away in the likes of your establishment. You should be ashamed!!!!
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River VAlley Caravan Park Redcross 18 Aug 2014 10:50 #399

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Well said Holiday123456....

On our last forum (pre 2013) words of a similar nature were said about this park on a few occassions where the family end is concerned.

Thanks for the review and keep them coming

Happy Camping
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River VAlley Caravan Park Redcross 15 Sep 2015 15:56 #521

  • Patrek255
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Disappointed with this place - too busy, badly organised bit of a free for all when you are trying to find your pitch.
Water logging at blocked drains we were there during bad weather
bathrooms not the cleanest - could do a lot better
showers not the cleanest - could do a lot better
Bins - could be emptied on a regular basis
water taps - could do with a hose and signage to direct you to them
campers kitchen - poorly kitted
General cleanliness is poor and considering the rates 272 for 1 week stay should have been cleaner
expensive for what it was

I had no problems with security but was up late with friends

Facilities for kids very good

I would give a 6/10
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